Pick, Pack & Ship Services and Solutions from Inmark Packaging

Case Study

Tricky Category B Packaging

Jul 2012

An Inmark client seeking to transport both ambient and frozen biological substance Category B materials approached us searching for ways to reduce cost while maintaining critical, proper temperature control for the duration of shipment and handling.

Services & Solutions

Pick, Pack and Ship Services

Providing a 360 solution for your needs.

Regardless of project size, Inmark can package, pre-label, pack and ship your packages. We provide a holistic solution to your clinical specimen transport needs.

Inmark provides pick, pack and shipping services to:

  • Provide significant time savings. Inmark will handle every aspect of your clinical specimen packaging and transport, allowing you to respond immediately and save time.
  • Reduce costs while maintaining compliance. The experienced team at Inmark fully understands all the regulations and requirements that accompany your shipment. We will inventory your entire shipment, eliminating unnecessary cost.
  • Offer a 360 solution. Inmark pick, pack and ship services provide a holistic, 360 solution. Our industry experts will ensure your clinical specimens are packaged and shipped securely and safely.

Inmark is your preferred partner for pick, pack and ship services. For more information about our custom solutions, call us at 800-646-6275 or contact us today.