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Case Study

Tricky Category B Packaging

Jul 2012

An Inmark client seeking to transport both ambient and frozen biological substance Category B materials approached us searching for ways to reduce cost while maintaining critical, proper temperature control for the duration of shipment and handling.

Product Overview


Ensuring safe transport of biological specimens.

Absorbents are critical components of your clinical specimen packaging and transport. Protect your shipment from dangerous leakage and ensure safe delivery of your specimens with absorbents from Inmark. We offer the following absorbent options:


Inmark offers a variety of heavyweight medical pads to absorb any spills quickly and easily. Protect yourself with pads large enough to work surfaces or floors.


Absorbent pouches ensure safe delivery of laboratory specimen tubes, keeping tubes separate while providing cushioning simultaneously. Inmark offers a range of absorbent pouches to serve a variety of shipments and sizes. 

Visit our Product Catalog for information about specific absorbents available at Inmark. Or, the experienced team at Inmark can work with you to find the perfect solution for your specimen transport shipping needs. Call us today at 800-646-6275 or through our website to learn more about our custom solutions.